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Collection: Pre-Order Bulk

Benefits of Pre-ordering Bulk

1. DISCOUNTED PRICE- When you pre-order in bulk you can pay up to $2 less per pound. That's hundreds of dollars in savings!

2. CHOOSE YOUR CUTS- You work with the butcher to choose the exact cuts you want, how thick you want your steaks, how big you want your roasts, if you want any sausage flavors, etc. Or get the standard package and let them choose!

3. NO STRESS FIELD HARVEST- When you preorder we schedule the butcher to come to us. The animal is harvested in the field meaning no transport and no stress!

4. ALWAYS HAVE DINNER OPTIONS- Having a dinner party? Thaw a nice roast. Need a quick dinner for the kids? You'll have versatile and quick ground beef for months. Making a romantic meal? Get out that filet mignon.

5. AGED OR NON-AGED- Your beef will be dry aged 2-3 weeks to help with tenderness and flavor. If you are on a low histamine diet you can also work with the butcher to cut and freeze your beef within hours of harvest. Must contact us ASAP for this option as it changes the butcher's schedule.

Freezer Space

Whole cow: 16-18 cu ft chest freezer

Half: 10-14 cu ft chest freezer

Quarter: 5-8 cubic ft chest freezer

Be sure to check your local marketplace listings for used freezers- some of our customers have gotten them at very reduced prices or even for free!

Shipping: Shipping is available upon request for an additional charge. Please email info@thehighlonesomeranch.com for price estimate and to make sure we can ship to your area.