When will my Quarter, Half or Whole Beef be ready?

If you would like to order a custom Quarter, Half or Whole Cow please reach out to melissa@thehighlonesomeranch.com. We will be processing custom order in Spring 2023. If you would like beef sooner, consider one of our Rancher's Choice Variety Boxes. You get a great bulk price and all the variety.


Will my meat be frozen?

Yes. Frozen meat is actually a higher quality product than fresh meat. The freeze/thaw process is an extension of dry aging. The freezing further concentrates the flavor while the thawing disrupts the sarcomere bonds, further tenderizing the meat.


Can you ship my meat?

Shipping is available to in the 1-2 day Ground Shipping Zone (yellow/orange) shown on the map below. 2-day air is available to the green zones. If you would like 50 lbs or more to be shipped, please reach out and we can arrange for a custom shipping option.

Please review our Policies before you place an order to be shipped.


Do you deliver?

We offer free delivery to the greater Grand Junction area. 


What do the cows eat?

Our cattle are raised on range and finished on our best pastures. They always have access to dozens of plant species, including various grasses, legumes, wildflowers, shrubs. Cows will eat 60+ plant species a day given the opportunity. They can detect nutritional deficiencies within minutes and will correct their diet accordingly. Other than that, we supplement with mineral salt.


Can I get sausages and jerky?

Yes. If you order a Quarter, Half, or Whole you can choose from various sausage and jerky flavors the butcher offers. There is an additional cost per pound for the processing of sausages and jerky.


How much freezer space do I need?

Depending on the size of your order, a chest freezer of some sort will be necessary to store your beef. A half cow is about 200 lbs of meat and can fit in a 6 cu ft freezer.


Still have questions? Call or email Melissa at (970) 644-1228 or mmakous@thehighlonesomeranch.com.