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High Lonesome Cattle Company

10 lbs- Grassfed Beef Rancher's Choice Beef Varitey Box

10 lbs- Grassfed Beef Rancher's Choice Beef Varitey Box

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Our 10 lb Rancher's Choice Variety Pack is our smallest option. This is the perfect place to start when trying out 100% grass-fed beef. This small but mighty box offers a great variety of out beef cuts. We always try to switch up the cuts you get so each box is a little different with a mix of go to staples and quick meal options.

HLR beef is 100% grass-fed, raised on a diverse diet of grasses, wildflower, shrubs, and more! That means more vitamins and minerals in every bite. Don't forget that we use bird friendly practices, earning us the Audubon Conservation Ranching verification. Our beef is good for you, the planet, and the producers!

What's inside:

1-2 roasts

1  lb ground beef

2-3 steaks

1 lb fajitas/stew meat

2 sausage flavors


*Please note: Photo does not necessarily portray what is included.

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